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Greg D. Shaw, America's Veterinarian

Dr. Shaw was born in Memphis, TN and has had a love of animals from the very beginning. He earned both his Bachelors Degree in Animal and Poultry Science and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee University. His concentration lies in the area of small animal medicine, some exotics, general surgery, and holistic therapy. His life mission has been to bring care and protection to those who cannot always speak up for themselves. He does relief work for a number of pet rescue groups and shelters as a way of helping those pets with some life difficulties to find a new leash on life. He also speaks about the joys of becoming a veterinarian at various schools in the area. Dr Shaw treats each pet as a member of the family because in actuality...they are.

Did you know? Dogs do see in color, but not as well as humans; they probably can't see red or green.

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Dr. Shaw is currently accepting appointments at two separate locations:

East Memphis

6920 Winchester Road
Memphis, TN 38115


1396 East Shelby Drive
Memphis, TN 38116

You can email Dr. Shaw directly at